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You can earn amazing, on-going income by becoming an affiliate marketer with

All you have to do is register new employers and employment agencies (we'll call them "members"), identifying yourself as the affiliate, and whenever they make a payment for advertising vacancies on our site, you get a percentage.

The affiliate commission rate is a flat 20% of every payment that a member makes - forever. There are no scales, tiers or time limits.

Let's say you introduce 5 new organisations every week for a year and each of them pays $100 per week for advertising. After a year, you have 260 affiliated members, paying $100/week - that's $26,000 per week, of which you earn 20% = $5,200/week. That is ongoing, forever. If you do the same the next year, then your income will be $10,400/week - forever. And so on.

By spending a bit more time each week, you could double, triple, quadruple that. With a small amount of effort, within the first year, you could easily be earning $10,000-$20,000 per week! And once you have those affiliated members, you don't have to manage them any more - they are yours forever. Imagine if you had 10,000 affiliated members, each paying an average of $100 per week - that would give you a residual income of $50,000 per week. Even if you decided to retire to a tropical island and do nothing, that money would continue to pour into your bank account or paypal account.

About Us is the fastest growing employment management service in the world. We assist employers and employment agencies to find the perfect candidates for every job vacancy, and help jobseekers find the perfect job or career. is spreading across the planet, into every region and language, every avenue of employment, from executive placement to short-term labour-hire. We have NO BOUNDARIES - You shouldn't either!

No cost!

It is completely free and without any obligation to set up yourself as an affiliate marketer. You never have to pay for anything, ever!

No experience needed!

You do not need any experience with affiliate marketing or sales. No cold calling, no phoning customers to try to sign them up. We will guide you along the way, providing training and prompt assistance whenever needed. We are here to help you.


You can canvas any region of the world. There are no constraints, other than you cannot approach an employer or agency that is already engaged with us. You can check if a prospective company is already a member with a simple search.

No pyramid schemes!

You will not be paid to bring on other affiliates and you will never receive a percentage of anyone else's commission. We are building the world's largest employment management service, not another pyramid scheme.

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