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Our in-house developed systems cover a broad and ever-expanding range of industries and applications. Synagen software has been developed with the user in mind. Synagen Software is ready to use out of the box, simply sign up and begin using today. Although all our systems are cloud-based, in-house installation is also available. Employment Management for Employers and Agencies - in English or Japanese


Tabalo is an affordable, sophisticated, cloud-based recruitment management system that takes the hard work out of advertising vacancies and managing responses and tracking recruiters.

Trabalo provides all the facilities employers and employment agencies need to locate the perfect English, Japanese or bi-lingual employee, and manage and monitor your recruitment team.

Post your jobs, manage responses, track application workflow, track agents' productivity and efficiency, manage contractor timesheets.

Package includes a wide raft of management reports, so you know how productive your recruitment team is, and can easily identify unproductive staff, saving time, money and future contracts.

  • Substantially reduce workload on your recruitment team with the efficient graphical workflow manager. Never "lose" an applicant.
  • Save time and money, increase your KPI's, reduce labour costs through efficiency gains, increase client satisfaction.
  • Free to register! Pay only for the advertising you use.
  • Simple to setup, easy to use, easy to manage.
  • Trabalo makes it easy to manage and track your advertisements, applicants and agents.
Trabalo 雇用主と代理店向け すべての候補者の管理ニーズに対応.


今すぐ無料で登録して、USD$1,000 ドルの広告クレジットを獲得しましょう! - はい、あなたはそれを正しく読みました! $1,000 ドルのクレジットとコミットメントなし!

  • 効率的なグラフィカルワークフローマネージャーを使用して、採用チームの作業負荷を大幅に削減します。 応募者を「失う」ことはありません。
  • 時間とお金を節約し、パフォーマンスを向上させ、効率の向上により人件費を削減し、クライアントの満足度を高めます。
  • 登録は無料です! 使用する広告に対してのみ支払います。
  • セットアップ、使用、管理が簡単です。
  • Trabaloを使用すると、広告、応募者、エージェントを簡単に管理および追跡できます。

CallTaker Service Request Manager


CallTaker is an affordable, sophisticated, cloud-based customer service management system that takes your customer service centre/call centre to the next level of efficiency. Suited to any type of industry.

  • Automatically log calls, create and track requests, manually or automatically assign tasks to service delivery teams, manage service teams, auto-escalate overdue jobs, run equipment and staff reports, dispatch technicians, and much more.
  • Automatic escalation (defined by you!)- never again let a request "fall through the cracks"
  • Get on top of your service delivery team/call centre with extensive management tracking of response rates and actions.
  • Substantially reduce workload on your contact centre with the Self-Service Catalogue facility built-in and ready to go. Just create your services, assign fulfilment teams, workflow processes and approvers, and away you go!
  • Save time and money, increase your KPI's, reduce labour costs through efficiency gains, increase customer satisfaction, reduce equipment failure rates, report on service throughput rates, by fulfilment team, or front-line responce rate.
  • CallTaker brings together all your customer service information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to connect your business, your staff and your customers like never before.
  • CallTaker is easy to setup, easy to use, easy to manage and has a huge array of powerful built-in features.
  • CallTaker can be used for pre-sales, post-sales, marketing, customer service, workflow management and much more.
  • CallTaker helps your business grow while it tracks the history of customer and client interactions, giving you the information you need to target bottlenecks and problem areas, equipment or personnel.

Instant Self-service Catalogue System.
Calltaker is perfect for implementing an IT/HR/etc, self-service catalogue system for internal customer service requests. Set up your catalogue of standard services (eg, Request holidays, password reset, request a computer/monitor, etc. etc.) and away you go!
Takes away the huge amount of time wasted on taking phone calls and replying to emails when a customer can select the service they want, enter the details and submit it!

No coding, no huge IT department required, and no long-term commitment!

Carpark management solution.
We have a tailored implementation of Calltaker designed specifically for carpark management companies, with integration with boomgates,exit gates, ticketing/payment machines, and includes popup contact window upon customer pressing the Help button, which is logged and initiates the service call workflow process and tracking - you always know who did what, when.

Package includes a wide raft of management reports, so you know how efficient your service team is, and can identify faulty equipment and personnel issues early, saving time, money and future contracts.

Sales team management solution.
The sales implementation of Calltaker is designed specifically for sales teams.

  • Take the hard work out of analysing sales teams performance
  • Track prospect contacts and conversion rates
  • Report on sales reps' performance
  • Save time with prospect email campaign management

The Club Website

The Club Website is an all-in-one online cloud-based club management system. It allows you to easily and efficiently run your club from any where, anytime.

Perfect for any size club or association, from a small gardening club, football club, through to national organisations, such as political parties, religious groups, environmental organisations.

With The Club Website you will save time, money and legal liability, with the perfect solution for managing your club - all from as little as $50/year.

The Club Website covers everything you need to manage your club in one complete and easy to use online system. You dont need to be an IT expert to use either. Just simply register and have your club site up and running in minutes.

Event Management

Being web-based, all the work-load can be shared amongst members, and you can keep track of who has don’t what, via the task check list. Members (or the general public) can register and pay for events by themselves via the website - saves you time and resources!.

Membership Management

Let new members join via the web site and pay their subscriptions online.

Saves you large amounts of time fiddling with application forms and phone calls and processing payments manually.

Automatic notification of member's upcoming renewals, reminders, and lapse notifications, with subsequent lock-out of delinquent members - all automatically!

Finance Management

Save time managing your accounts - let the system do it for you.

Automatically tracks subscriptions from members, receipts for event payments, and expenses such as micellaneous purchases.

Full financial transparency - All financial members can view the full set of accounts online at any time - no more charges of malfeasance! Even allows for receiving of public donations.

More time, more accuracy and transparency, more members, more money.

No commitment!

The Club Website is implemented as a pay-as-you-go cloud-based (SaaS - Software as a Service) facility.

Start with the one-month free trial, then implement a small number of users/members for a trial period, then when you are happy, upload all your members' details and go fully live.

Cost is per member, so the overhead is roughly the same per member, per year, regardless of club size.

Pay by the month via PayPal and cancel at any time. There is not long-term commitment.