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Advertising Costs and Options

You retain complete control over your vacancy advertising costs.

Advertising Fees
Initial charge to post a vacancy advertisement:$5 This includes 7 days of basic advertising at no additional charge.
Daily fee per advertisement (after initial 7 days):$1/day This continues until the vacancy is flagged by you as closed/filled or your account balance reaches zero.
Bump up to top of list each day:$3/day This is in addition to any other daily or one-off fees.
Featured advertisement:$5/day In addition to any other daily or one-off fees
Keyword search bumpup:you specifyPer day per keyword specified.

All charges are shown in USD

Initial fee: Each advertisement you publish will be charged the initial fee against your account balance. This initial fee includes 5 days of basic advertising. The daily fee will not be charged until after that initial 5 days.

Daily fee: Each advertisement you publish will be charged the daily rate against your company's account balance once per day until such time as you flag it as closed, or your company's account balance reaches zero. Once your account balance reaches zero all your advertisements will stop being displayed until such time as you top up your company's account balance.

Featured Advert: Paying for a featured advertisement will allocate your advertisement a time-share of the top of the search results page when a jobseeker searches for that classification and sub-classification.

When we say "time-share" we mean that, for example, if 3 advertisements for "ICT Project Managers" have paid for featuring, then, when a jobseeker searches for "ICT Project Management" jobs the "Featured" spot at the top of the page will be shared equally amongst the 3 featured advertisements

Daily Bumpup: Paying for "Daily Bumpup" means that once per day (during our nightly process) that advertisement will be pushed to the top of the list for the given classification and sub-classification.

Note that this does not mean that it will stay at the top of search results all day, since other advertisements posted later that day will be inserted at the top and your advertisement will gradually be pushed further down during the day, but then pushed to the top of the list at the start of the next day.

Keyword Bumpup Bid This pushes your advertisement to the top of the search results when a jobseeker search for a particular keyword - relative to other bidders.

For example, an advertisement might have classification="ICT" and sub-classification="Software engineers", but you want your vacancy highlighted to jobseekers who search for "Java" jobs. So, if you pay to highlight the keyword "Java", then if the jobseeker searches for the keyword "java" your advertisement will be pushed to the top of the search results, regardless of how long it has been advertised for.

The amount it is pushed up, relative to other keyword bidders, is determined by your bid amount. If 2 advertisements have both paid to bump up a particular keyword, then they will both be pushed to the top of the list, but the one that has the highest bid will appear before the other one. Reports are available showing current keyword bids, so you will know what you are competing against.

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