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Trabalo White Label

Control the appearance, styling, content and customer interraction with your Trabalo website.


"White Labelling" your account means that the Trabalo name and web site styling is replaced with your company name and your styling and logo.

As far as visitors can see, they are visiting your corporate web site.

White labelling also means that when a job seeker searches for vacancies, they only see those that you publish.

How does it work?
When you register your organisation as an employer or agent (or at any time after that), you have the option of enabling "White Labelling" by simply ticking a checkbox. You then have the option to change the page styling and upload your company logo to replace the Trabalo styling and page naming.
That's all!

How much does it cost?
Less than $10 per day.

How can I cancel?
On your organisation administration page is the white label check box. Unticking that immediately reverts your appearance to normal Trabalo format and immediately stops billing your account.


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